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ANIMALS- BIRDS (CHINA), 2013  wood, porcelain, cotton, aluminium,nylon,bamboo, glass

ANIMALS’ series is inspired by the strolls i often took in the market of “flowers and birds” close to the flat I had been liveng in Shanghai for three months. The series witnesses how Impressed I was by the Chinese people’s passion for birds, crickets and all kinds of “emitting sound waves” animals. I used to take same strolls while i was Indonesia, traveling for one month. Colored lures attract birds and handcrafted hooks decorate bird cages. A lavish feast is being meticulously prepared, with porcelain bowls but without food. A test tube protects fragile bowls, though squashing them in a tiny space. One bowl is glorified on a canvas, what the purpose for it? The series questions the fact that humans demand to exert power on the animal world, trying to adapt the fauna to habits it doesn’t belong to. 

ANIMALS-FEAST, 2013 chinese porcelain bird feeders, plexiglass

ANIMAL-BIRDS-LURE (INDONESIA) ,2014 wood - differnt sizes

ANIMALS-HOOK (INDONESIA), 2014 brass, steel wood -differnt sizes

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